From Nest to Wing

From Nest to Wing

What if you are inside an egg, in a nest or womb, whichever it may be called? Imagine you are gestating. You are being created. I wonder what that feels like.

And then I know. It feels like this: What the hell is going on? Every thing in every direction is changing in every split second!

Humongous, here-to-fore unimagined, Changes and Experiences. Yet, there is this light from the sun that warms me each day and somehow instills a light within me. The sun illuminates my Gestating Body. At night, Mother covers and protects me from the invisibility of darkness and sits with me over seasons of full moons. 

Imagine that you are being loved, not even that, you really ARE love, without comparison to anything, while being prepared to be born, to hatch.

What if the stage of life in which you find yourself today, is another stage, that of taking to the wing? Can you imagine the vastness of space and time that exist for you when you leave your nest? For you, it may feel that the ground has fallen from beneath you. Gravity is no longer limiting in its usual way. Instead, you feel energized to resist gravity and spread your wings. Becoming unstuck from the ground of your existence, liberates you into a vastness of new ground, and maybe a new definition of the word. We ground ourselves when we touch the earth. We release our consciousness into a vast and very pregnant reality when we soar. 

Truly though, soaring above? Soaring beneath? Are there two places?

We  could not have imagined this, because our brains need reference points, and new means you have no reference points. This could be scary, if not for understanding that indeed you have been here before. Somehow, someway, you recognize this. Search for something familiar, perhaps you find it in a person, plant, animal, or mineral. 

Recognition like this means you are recognizing yourself. Yourself is changing so fast that you will have no reference points, which would induce you to hold onto something, such as a solid unchanging self, or an ideology. Ideology and selfhood represent a shore you can hold onto. But the minute you attach yourself to ideology or a fixed self, your growth toward what awaits you in the beyond slows. You are holding  onto shore while the river flows on. Now you can see that you can make choices and have some control as to how you titrate the experience of spaciousness into which your are inevitably going. Titration is the gradual way. If you need to catch your breath, you might hold on for a minute or two. 

Back to the analogy of the nest, many people wisely choose slow, contemplative steps, trying out the wings a bit at a time. Some move between riding the rapids and slowing down, pulling some cover over our heads when our emotions feel very strained. We can go inside that shadowy nest, where we remember and rest in the comfort from which we came.

Your nest may be a bedroom or garden or hike into the wilds, or just sitting or lying down wherever you are and giving up all effort. Isn’t that the nest? The place where we give up all effort? Relaxation is the act of giving up effort, which is why you do not relax when you are making an effort to do so. Gestation is effortless for the mind. Go back into gestation when you need regeneration. Those two words are synonymous in this case. 

Slow down, go back to your original self, quit all effort, and be where your are being, doing what you are doing, without effort. Sitting or moving meditation, such as walking and Hatha yoga, are the most ancient ways I know of, to bring internal activity to a halt. Walking and yoga are done while halting the mind, and these methods are challenging us to be still in order to touch the most subtle reality, our own innate creation in process. 

Guess what. Whether you are young or old, you are being created. Your are being created by every thought, feeling, and act that you have.

Hell is defined by Struggle, Anger and Resistance to Change and Transition. 

Thanks to Change, the sun came up this morning. Praise be to Change for the light.

Thanks be to Change for the moon and its seasons. Praise be to Change.

Oh Change, make me strong enough to live in harmony with you. Give me the healing energy I need to transcend the past as constantly as I am energized to embrace the present.

And when I am too tired, dear Change, direct my attention to the nest, to the ground of my existence, for rest and repair.

Thank you, Change. I see that there is no life without you.

Thank you, Change, for including me in your plans for the human path on earth.

Help me, Change, to come and go in peace. I can think of no supplication to you, but that, to take to the nest and then to the sky, in peace, over and over, forever.

I am comfortable replacing  the word, Change, with the word, God. Religious minds will not like that.  I don’t mind at all. Truth is true no matter who believes what. Belief in a solid never-changing version of that which continually changes, is confusing and limiting for me. Names can be confusing, with so many individual definitions out there. I love God. I love Jesus. I love the wisdom keepers and prophets who teach me in order to prepare me for these times. And in these times, I have momentarily at least, replaced the word God, with the word Change. Not asking anyone else to do so. But it is an interesting experiment if you do use the name God in your thoughts and speech, to replace the word with Change, just for a day. Call me Judy. Call me Judy K. Call me Jude. Call me Ms Harmon. Call me Mom. Call me dear one. Call me anything at all. The same person resides beneath a multiplicity of names. That is how I see names. Honor the names you use. Use names sweetly and with reverence. including your own name. Including your own name. Including Your. Own. Name. 

If not for Change, there would be no flowers.

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