Elder Blossom

I am Elder Blossom,
an independent thinker and multi-media artist,
embracing the grace and flow of the course of nature. My art project for my 70’s, is a collaboration with mother earth. We are co-creating an expansive urban food and medicine forest. My part is to pay attention to my breath and to the details and subtleties of shapes, forms, colors, sounds, smells, of all of the life within the boundaries of the gardens. They feel so expansive, as though I would have to walk a long way to arrive at the other side, but then, there it is, right around that tree, that bird bath, that flower. This decade, I commit to walk the path of beauty and take refuge there, whereby I might generate the strength and energy needed to climb the next mountain. I am Elder Blossom. I focus on my breath every single time I need to absorb and transform a feeling or experience. Magic.

All photos are by Elder Blossom at Harmony House Urban Farm