Seventy Years and Counting

I have decided to live 100 years. Well, why not? Can I not decide on anything I wish? Isn’t anything possible? That which is not in my control will determine so very much of the future. That which is in my control are my thoughts, decisions and daily actions. I make plans, not to achieve their end, but to have a direction that allows for the inevitable change in them. No plan, no changing the plan. You see? What changes? Nothing. Only the plan. Easy breezy.

I wonder if others feel their lives only just beginning at seventy years old. No matter. I do. And there is SO much to do and so little time. Had I known this from the beginning, I would have accomplished much more by now. Then again, the present is all that exists and all that ever did. I accomplished being here now, did I not? Will I accomplish being here in 30 years? We shall see! Life is nothing, if not adventure. This is the beginning of my brand new adventure. I am giddy with excitement.

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