Physical Mental Emotional

You arrived on earth embodied. Whatever mental and emotional states came with or ensued, they are housed in your body. Agree or disagree, this statement is the premise for my post today.

The physical body should be cared for much like any machine you own. It operates according to physical laws, which are the laws of nature on our planet. Understanding your own physiology empowers you to care for yourself in sickness and in health.

Eating disorders, physical disorders (disease), mental and emotional disorders, can be addressed successfully through nutrition, exercise, structural and postural adjustments. The key underlying all of these adjustments is your breath, meaning the oxygenation of your cells.

These principles are simple, and everyone can follow and heal through the understanding and use of them. However, we live in an age in which a great many people, likely the majority, are uneducated and uninformed of these basics.

Over forty years as a professional in natural medicine and therapeutics has taught me all that I know, and all that I know is through applying studies to my personal experience. I am here to assist others on the path to their self realization, wholeness and good health.

In closing, I have saved the most important for last. A deep knowledge of yourself means that you understand that your spirit is housed in your body. You must care for your body as a temple if you desire a relationship with your true self, your spirit. I post this in honor of and specifically for those who are on a quest of self awareness and knowledge. Many blessings. 🙏❤️

From where I sit this morning

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