Handling Life with Great Heart

Life is delicate. Care for it.

Life bears witness to our actions.

Our actions bear witness to our heart.

Our heart bears witness to our soul.

Our soul to our body.

body to life.


Handle with care.

I stepped into the stream and saw what comes toward me, and I looked the other way to the things that had swept on beyond me. I looked upstream and I looked downstream.  To the present moment, I applied wisdom of patience, virtue of discipline, honesty of love, ethic of compassion, witness of truth. 

I am my only reference point for all that a human being can be.  Offering loving kindess to myself always feels like the right thing to do.  It always feels right to offer it to others as well.

I can’t think of anything better or easier to do.  I think life is delicate and should be handled with great heart.

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