Time Changes Everything. Or Does Everything Change Time?

Out on the edge of change, where things are going by really fast – that is where I often hang.

The edge makes me pay attention.  I get less distracted there.

But besides that, it’s addicting, the adrenalin I guess, and other chemicals.  I can feel them.  I can pay close attention to the finest details when I am on the edge, because that is the  purpose of a person out there – to beware.  It’s for protection, but therein lie the most beautiful and delicate sensations.  They are simply delightful to pay attention to. 

So I guess life becomes wonderful and dangerous in the same moment, which I think of not so much as time but as space.  Some people like to skydive or scuba dive, or ski fast, or heave themselves into the air.  Not me – never.  Not even go fast in a car and barely will I get on an airplane.

But give me that edge of change, where constant shifts are giving the appearance that there is no solidity, where sustainablitiy means adaptation, where I have to dance to discover the ground under my moving feet.


Death as Re-birth

Americans seem to have a seriously deep aversion to death.

Death is a word.  To what experience does death refer?

I think death refers to the experience, not of the one who dies, but of the witnesses, those who experience loss.

Death is not regrettable, any more than an exhale is regrettable.

What if we re-named the experience we call death, re-birth?

Why not?

Who knows that death is not re-birth?

How can it be otherwise?

To accept death, give up attachment to life, and become ready to be re-born.

I live life not in fear of dying.  I hope I will not exhaust life’s resources in order to resist death, only to die anyway.

Today is a good day to die.  Therefore, it is a good day to live.

Breathe out.  Breathe in.  This is the miracle.

Breathe out.  Do not breathe in.  Then?