Time Changes Everything. Or Does Everything Change Time?

Out on the edge of change, where things are going by really fast – that is where I often hang.

The edge makes me pay attention.  I get less distracted there.

But besides that, it’s addicting, the adrenalin I guess, and other chemicals.  I can feel them.  I can pay close attention to the finest details when I am on the edge, because that is the  purpose of a person out there – to beware.  It’s for protection, but therein lie the most beautiful and delicate sensations.  They are simply delightful to pay attention to. 

So I guess life becomes wonderful and dangerous in the same moment, which I think of not so much as time but as space.  Some people like to skydive or scuba dive, or ski fast, or heave themselves into the air.  Not me – never.  Not even go fast in a car and barely will I get on an airplane.

But give me that edge of change, where constant shifts are giving the appearance that there is no solidity, where sustainablitiy means adaptation, where I have to dance to discover the ground under my moving feet.


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