It Can’t be Said

It can’t be said.  I seem to be getting that message.

How to end conflicting feelings?   Maybe,  not end them.  Just accept the reality that conflict and no conflict are two sides of one thing.

I cannot destroy something that is on the flip side of the thing I wish to keep.   Thankfully, nothing is ever destroyed, nor created – only realized.

I don’t think human beings destroy and create, though we are creative and destructive by nature.

How egotistical to think we are the destroyers and the creators.    This is the stuff of comic books – fantasy.

As I practice viewing my own life through a clear lens, not filtered through emotions, ideals, and beliefs, I see that I contain destruction and creativity in my very cells, literally.  

I am born with everything I need and will ever need to support my life.  It cannot be otherwise!

Following my instincts, I actively participate in the direction of my life.

Every day I put my left shoe on my left foot and my right shoe on my right foot.  My right shoe does not say, “hey, I want to be on the left.”  Nor my left say “I want to be on the right.”   No need to struggle.  Some things just are.

Things do not compete.  They exist.  There is no real conflict but that which is in the mind. 

Well, I am just saying………some things can’t be said.    🙂

2 thoughts on “It Can’t be Said

  1. It’s a beautiful thing when we begin to accept and embrace the truth of your words: ” I am born with everything I need to and will ever need to support my life.”


    Best wishes for an amazing adventure,


    • Thank you, Ellen. You are a love, and you represent, in the way you live your life, the embracing of that truth.

      I will stay in touch! Please give my love to Hank as well. I am extremely sorry I did not get up there before leaving. Things got tight. You know how that is. As Arnold says “I’ll be back!”


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